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It's a time when challenge and hardship come to a close. Radical trust is what you'll need.

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You will find that in order for you to move along without fear you will need to lean on trust more than logic. This runic energy symbolizes harvest from seeds you planted in the past. You will feel regenerated as new growth appears in an area that was dead in your life before. Be wise at this time, as timing is everything. Transition is a vulnerable time and care is needed. Libra, your primary rune for the weekend is KANO. With KANO energy you are invited to explore love and all its mysteries. You can love with abandon but to do so with wisdom and insight.

You may need to learn how to love all over again if you have given of yourself before and have been hurt. If you're feeling hesitant to trust someone new, it can be a challenge.

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This rune often indicates a return to wholeness and self-centering. You may recover a piece of yourself that you once thought you lost.

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These will become a source of energy when you feel afraid to give your all. You may find this weekend something kicks up in your spirit, and you realize something about your feelings that come from within. These energies offer you support in a spiritual way. You may find that you are more discerning and sensitive to energy that's indescribable. You grow in the ability to make wise choices without much delay.


The relationship will be a gift for you. This is a beautiful omen in a reading.

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The possibilities are endless when you learn how to harness your spiritual energy. Sagittarius, your primary rune for this weekend is ODIN. This energy is about the unknowable, and what you can't control in life. You can dream big. It's a time to trust that things will work themselves out. You may find your subconscious mind has hidden desires you aren't aware of. In fact, that can be the ODIN in your life. Great improvements are supported by ISA. INGUZ is the rune of sharing, the energy offered here fertility and growth. This rune is symbolic of childbirth, which when what you contribute is given back to you in equal measure.

You can't bear fruit without offspring. INGUZ shows that you will be granted gifts in abundant measure.

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You may even find a new relationship this weekend. INGUZ offers advice; however. You need fertile ground to grow, so it's time to release whatever bond you have that holds you from giving. Something good in your life has started. This is a powerful rune of restraint, it brings protection and energy to hold back when you want to strike. For this weekend, this would be a signal to avoid negative people or to choose your battles wisely.

LAGUZ provides lessons of life through water and permeability. You can adapt to any situation and sometimes, like water, finding the low places to rest is where you need to allow yourself to be. It helps you to stay in touch with your higher power and inner peace. Scorpio: Weekly Horoscope.

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