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This twisted rhetoric, amounting to legerdemain , was a pet peeve of his, as it is to anyone who believes in keeping an open mind and not manipulating people. The logical fallacy in this case is that the burden of proof laid on view A is raised to an impossibly heavy level, and furthermore would not prove view B either.

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Preference for view A further leads to the false attribution that astrology makes extraordinary claims , and that no evidence of view B is sufficient because extraordinary evidence is required to prove view A. This argument makes a faulty inference of proof and is another error of logical structure. Why are these rational errors made?

Hand, Robert S. (1942-)

No doubt the theories and applications that scientists are familiar with do not explain how astrology works. Yet no theory can be used to either support or deny what astrology actually claims in its texts. This requires evidence.

Robert Hand

To rely upon theory before evidence is, epistemologically speaking, to put the cart before the horse. In addition to the planets, the ascendant and midheaven are also included but astrologers using Chiron will have to look elsewhere. The introductory chapters about the interpretation and timing of transits are well worth a read, and these are followed by a case study of Nixon and the Watergate scandals in the early s.

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  7. Then its on to a chapter for each planet and the transits it makes to all the others. The smallest and the largest life cycles have their part to play. Buy this book and prove or disprove predictive astrology for yourself.


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    You are commenting using your Google account. He has lectured and conducted workshops in the United States and the United Kingdom. He is best known for his pioneering work into new techniques of astrology, including research into the composite technique and the field of harmonics.

    Hand is a member of the National Council for Geocosmic Research and the editor of its monograph series. Robert Hand See products by this author. Products by this author: Composite Chart Themes for Two.